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The Scarred Forest (North of I-90)
The forest is thinner here than it is south of the highway, though it is still difficult to see for very far. Signs of human habitation break the stretch of woods every few miles; roads, paths, farms, and the occasional out-of-the-way home remind you that civilization is encroaching, though in this area, the battle is not yet decided. Hardwoods mix with towering firs and smaller trees, still concealing some of nature's hidden places from the nearby humans. Streams and small pools are scattered throughout the forest, some large enough to swim in, some small enough to freeze solid for most of the winter.

Fresh stumps dot the woods, and almost all of the trees still standing are disease-scarred around the bases of the trunk, some only superficially marked, some deeply wounded; not a few are dead.

Once hauntingly quiet and sparsely populated with wildlife, these woods have fully come alive again. The scents and sounds and glimpses of animals, birds, insects are now as rich here, among the scarred trees, as they are anywhere.

This region stretches almost 50 miles north from I-90 into the Sun Lakes area, where the disease that scarred the trees appears to have been at its worst.

Obvious exits:
Tiny Cabin Great Oak Grove 23 Hawk's End Southeast Interstate 90 Grotto South

Kaz and Nik howl for entrance, announcing their presence on Equinox territory. Soon enough, Kaz, with a large canvas pack, appears at Andrei's camp. She drops the bag with a thunk. "Dudes. I am so fucking tired, you cannot even believe."

Andrei sits by the fire, feeding it a small stick every once in a while, cigarette in his teeth. The Ahroun's busily sharpening knives in the mean time, and looks up when Kaz arrives. As if they weren't sharp enough already. "We saw the lightshow," he states, quietly. To one side, True Arrow lies resting, head on his paws, close enough that the cub can still feel the warmth of the fire.

Bright Eyes agrees to the entrance with a short, almost brusque howl. As the pair arrive at the camp she materializes out of the brush on the other side, her fur fluffed as if trying to protect against last week's cold, or attempting to make her lupus-self hispo sized. Ears-rhya. Thunder's Heart.

Pack> Bright Eyes bristles at yet /another/ howl requesting permission to enter their territory and doesn't bother to hide it. At least it is Ears-rhya, though the inclusion of Nik negates any good feelings the Gnawer's arrival may have engendered.

Nik doesn't look thrilled to be carrying the pack he is, but he does it without complaint. And look! The Ragabash has gotten taller! He's a whole 5'6" again. He carries a rifle in the crook of his arm, open to reveal that it isn't loaded, and that he drops near his pack. He glances at the others and merely nods solemnly.

Night's-Shadow stalks in behind Shelby, and the theurge looks somewhat grumpy and tired. He eyeballs each of those gathered, giving a bit of a huff in greeting.

Kaz grins over at Shelby. "Hey," she says to her, and then blinks at Xander. She loses the grin for half a second -- she hasn't met him yet -- but then dismisses it for the moment and grins at Andrei and Ky. "So hey. Y'all wanna present?"

True Arrow lifts his head once Kaz and Nik appear, ears splaying. He climbs to his feet and approaches the first pair to enter, nipping lightly at Kaz in greeting before shouldering against Nik. His greeting is fractionally more reserved when Xander and Shelby appear next, tail giving a small sweep against the ground though he stays close to his alpha and the Gnawer.

Pack> Night's-Shadow grumpgrumpgrump. Grumpgrump. (More feelings than actual words, here.)

Andrei takes a second to put away both the knife and the whetstone in a pocket, and then inclines his head in greeting to Shelby and Xander, then to Nik, before he finally looks back at Kaz, a faint grin slipping onto his face. "Good and dead, Kaz-rhya, Nikolai-rhya?" There's a hint of reservation in the tone, though, as if he doesn't quite expect a positive answer, or good news.

Bright Eyes sits, tail curling around her haunches just so. It's clear from her posture that she is not planning on leaving, nor surrendering territory, even if that means the gathering must speak under the eye of an irritable Silver Fang.

Pack> Bright Eyes | Sit with me? We can watch them. (Though there's a decided undercurrent of nipping-at-heels, and not-letting-them-get-away-with-anything underlying 'watch'.)

Night's-Shadow looks over toward Kaz, then Nik, then Andrei, then Ky. And then plunks down slightly behind Shelby, head ducked and ears cocked back a fraction, looking faintly like a vulture when compared to Shelby's primness. He watches the bags, though: what's that?

Nik merely waits, his face not betraying anything in either aspect. He watches Kaz as she speaks to the other Shadow Lords. Glancing at Shelby and Xander, he merely nods a greeting. Silent today!

Pack> Night's-Shadow agrees easily enough, but he shows a faint hint of disgust. Smell that? It's blood. If they brought something wyrmy out here, I swear...

True Arrow pokes his nose at the bag Nik sets on the ground, curious but with reservations about digging into it. Stinks, he determines after a second or two. He looks at Shelby and Xander again, ears splaying further in puppy-like manner, though he stays put.

In answer to both Andrei and Xander, Kaz upends her bag, and four heads, plus a pair of hands, fall out. (One of them looks unnervingly like Ky, though someone has closed its eyes in death.) "OK, so maybe it ain't a housewarmin' gift, but it's some kinda gift, anyways." Her energy is just a tad on edge. She dusts her hands off, and then looks toward the pack-pair. "So anyway," she tells Xander, "Kaz. Ears, t'Garou. Bone Gnawer, Galliard, metis, things like that. How you doin'?"

Andrei stares for a moment, and first there's a rising tension as he continues to stare, and then a sigh, as his gaze finds one out of the four heads distinctly more interesting than the others. Relief, and though Andrei looks like he'd like to get up, he settles to sit a little more firmly on his heels. "Thanks," he states, simply, and then nods to Nik. "Thank you, Nikolai-rhya." There's a faint hint of reference to some earlier conversation, in the words.

Bright Eyes's hackles manage to lift farther at the jumble of body parts dumped on the ground, and her lips lift minutely off her teeth. After a moment they drop again, though she informs the others flatly that those things will be taken from Equinox territory. Tonight. [Sense Wyrm: everything is OK.]

The contents spill on the ground, and Night's-Shadow draws back his head, ears splayed out to either side; the disgust is plain. He stares for a moment, nose quivering, before finally getting distracted by Kaz's introduction. The fur about his spine is fluffed out a bit, but he forces himself to shift up to homid. Less gross smells that way. "Uh. Xander Yin, Night's-Shadow, theurge and Fostern. Shadow Lord."

True Arrow growls at the heads as they're dumped unceremoniously upon the ground, the sound more nervous fear than aggression. Lips peel back from teeth, though he sidles closer and a little behind Nik and Kaz.

Nik merely opens his bag as Kaz dramatically rolls out the goods, pulling only one head out of his. He holds the last head as Perseus might Medusa, frowning as gore gets on his boot.. "I have their things. Everything has been cleansed. Brought all but the silver in case you wanted to go through it, or burn it." he shugs.

Kaz seems somehow disconcerted by Andrei's answer, and her nose twitches. A moment later, she relaxes minutely, but she's still clearly disconcerted. Then she shakes her head. "Y'welcome. Made sure the hotel was Veil safe and all that shit, so we got dead people, and as far as I can tell, no loose ends. And--" She glances at the Silver Fang. "Sure thing," she tells her. "Ain't mine anyway, I just borrowed 'em for the news factor." Then she starts folding the bag up, as she nods to Xander. "Pleased, I'm sure." She sidles backwards a touch so she can try and keep Ky at least in her peripheral vision.

Andrei finally wrenches his gaze from the collection of heads and hands, and it seems to take some effort, lips pulled back to show his teeth even in homid. "/Da/, Shelby-rhya," the Ahroun acknowledges, voice quiet, barely kept level, and then his gaze eventually falls into his lap again. The sitting quietly, though, is starting to take a concentrated amount of visible effort.

Bright Eyes adds belatedly to Kaz that she is pleased they are dead. Though in her current emotional state (read: prissy and irritable), the 'pleasure' is more a suggestion of a softening. She is also pleased it is getting warmer. A glance toward Nik. What have you brought?

Xander nods to Kaz, and then resumes sitting on the ground exactly where he was. He looks less grumpy in this form, though that could be just because homid form is less of an open book.

There's the abrasive, warbling howl announcing the imminent arrival of Little Silvertip as the Athro approaches the scarred forest, asking for permission to enter. The sept's Elder strides in crinos, leaning on the shaft of his weapon as he waits with Jacinta along side.

Nik unceremoniously dumps the head on the ground near Andrei. "A rifle," he gestures. "A ton of bullets. I know the Corax did something to them to keep 'em from firing. Don't know for how long, didn't try. Some fake IDs, clothes, some books. A journal." He steps back. "Can't read it though. Maybe Andrei...?" He picks up the backpack and dumps it, too. Yup, all that stuff is in there. At Silvertip's howl, he glances expectantly towards the trees. "C'mon down, contestants!" he barks back.

True Arrow's head lifts when Kaz moves, a soft whine escaping. The look is passed to Nik after a second, though it isn't followed by any sound. Further howling captures his attention, ears up then down again, nervous, afraid.

Tempest's Wake is just a little behind the athro, and despite her form, her mood is hard to read, expression closed and tense.

If Andrei's reaction before gave the Gnawer reason for pause, the Ahroun's continued stillness might be moreso. His gaze darts, momentarily, to the journal that's dumped on the ground, and then he adds another piece of wood to the fire, entirely silent.

Bright Eyes promptly bounces to her feet and up to Hispo, teeth definitely bared at Nik. ~This is not your territory, Thunder's Heart. No matter how many times your feet have crossed it.~ A moment longer and -she- howls shortly, inviting the Sept Elder onto Equinox territory.

Not being either Alpha or packmember, Kaz merely glances in the direction Silvertip howled from. Then she looks back. "Yeah, so," she says, irony evident. "This should be fun."

Xander shifts down to lupus again, looking a bit apprehensive. He gives Nik a bit of a stinkeye, too, but other than that he just looks over towards where Silvertip and Jacinta come in; he cuts a look to Shelby that suggests something not verbally said.

Pack> Night's-Shadow says: Has he ever come here before? For them? This, uh. Might be interesting.

Little Silvertip's dominance is on full display in his posture as the Crinos arrives to the area. Ears forward, tail up, posture upright - there's no mistaking who's the big dog here. He comes to a stop a short distance away from the group, and leans heavily on the shaft of his weapon. The loot gets eyeballed once, and then the assembled crowd gets a long gaze that settles on Andrei and Ky. ~I am the Little Silvertip who Mauls the Horned Serpent; Little Silvertip who Slays Carnage-Ikthya and his mule bitch of a mate, Eclipse-Ikthya; Little Silvertip who Brings Back Light's Gift to the Wolf People. Fourth ranked warrior and Elder of Uktena's tribe. Alpha of my pack. Friend to kin. Son of Driftwood Dances, Brother of Tempest's Wake.~ He pauses just a beat. ~I am the Alpha of this sept.~

Nik snorts, tossing the backpack aside, but otherwise offers no response to the Dragonfly group. Moving aside to perch on one of the logs, he leaves his presents where he'd put them. Stip's announcement brings a look of polite approval, but again, the Ragabash isn't up to cluttering the meeting with idle talk.

Pack> Bright Eyes does the mental equivalent of quirking an eyebrow just before the Alpha's entrance, and again after. ~Does he think we don't know?~

Pack> Night's-Shadow grumps. Apparently.

Tempest's Wake remains quiet as she nears and when Silvertip gives his introduction, she settles onto her haunches and gives him her attention. There's a shift in the fur along her spine, hackles rising despite her otherwise cool demeanor.

Night's-Shadow flattens his ears in deference to the alpha, otherwise saying nothing.

Kaz's back straightens slightly, at this introduction of Silvertip's. She salutes the Uktena with a casual yet not at all mocking salute, and then (rather than sidling backwards), unfolds her bag and starts putting the various things she's emptied out of it back into it. Then she sidles backwards and ends up (oh so coincidentally) sitting near Ky.

Andrei looks up as the two Sept Elders arrive, shifting slowly up to glabro and turning to face them, then sitting on his heels, shoulders squared. There is a nod, and head tilts as fully in submission and acknowledgement of Silvertip as this form allows him to, but for the moment, the Shadow Lord Ahroun (still) says nothing.

Bright Eyes remains on her feet and bristly until Nik backs down, though it's clear she's not attempting to claim dominance over the Uktena. Indeed, she tips her head slightly to bare throat as she shifts back to lupus. After a moment, as if reminded, she sits once more, tail flicking out to brush against Night's Shadow.

True Arrow shows himself every bit the cub he is when Silvertip and Jacinta appear. His ears lay flat to his head, eyes pressed with nervous fear. He presents himself fully submissive, first with his tail tucked, head lowered. He offers himself only as True Arrow Finds His Mark, darkmoon cub of Thunder, as he sinks onto his belly and edges a little closer to the Warder and Alpha without straying from Kaz's reach. Not a beat passes before the lupine shaped cub rolls onto his back, head tilted in full exposure of his throat, forepaws folded near his chest to give unhindered access to his belly.

Little Silvertip looks like he's about to growl out something when Ky's introduction comes. He grunts, and tips his head in the direction of the cub. ~At least the cub knows how to introduce himself. Good to meet you, cub.~ Now Andrei gets 100% of his attention. ~You insult me again. Introduce yourself.~

Kaz's hand edges out to rest fairly near Ky's shoulder. Close enough to touch if Ky were to squirm that way. Otherwise, she merely winces slightly.

Tempest's Wake watches the varied introductions and gives a rough shake that only travels as far as her midback. She remains seated, and as Silvertip turns his attention to Andrei, so does the Warder.

Night's-Shadow looks askance to Shelby, and the theurge leans against his packmate (though it's clear he also ranks himself below the Fang) and huffs out a small sigh, attention shifting to Andrei.

Andrei swallows, visible thanks to the angle at which his throat is bared, not shrinking under the gaze but nearly so, posture and manner both submissive and apologetic. ~Breaks-the-Circle, cliath Ahroun, and grandson of Thunder.~

Nik merely watches, frowning a little. He rubs at his chin where his goatee used to be, arms crossed over his belly as he takes in the proceedings with interest.

Little Silvertip's eyes round out slightly, as his ears quiver forward. They can't go any further forward, so they just twitch a bit. ~Breaks-the-Circle.~ Little Silvertip repeats, rolling the name around as he says it. ~What great gift have you brought the sept? What wonderful fetish, or powerful spirit ally can we now call on?~

Kaz's expression turns rueful, and she starts to rummage in her pocket.

Nik works his jaw as if he has something to say, but instead he just squints.

Pack> Night's-Shadow growls. Pain. Death. Fear. /Spirals/. /Those/ are the gifts.

One ear twitches, and the Wendigo looks up at Silvertip with a narrowed gaze. Her posture reads more as thoughtful, perhaps surprised, but most of what can be seen in her is stillness and a cool calm.

Pack> Bright Eyes twitches a mental ear at him. Too many people on our territory, she adds wryly, not denying his claim in the slightest.

Night's-Shadow looks like he's about to put in something, but then doesn't. He looks grumpy, too, but it doesn't seem angled at anyone in particular.

True Arrow slowly turns himself over, keeping low, on his belly, and every bit as submissive without all the pomp and circumstance. He edges backward just enough to brush a foreleg against Kaz's fingers before going still again. The cub keeps himself small, ears still against his head as it rests just above his paws, laying on the ground though with notable readiness to return to his previous, far more openly submissive position if and when it's required.

~I have nothing except my services as a warrior, Silvertip-rhya,~ Andrei states, submissive, contrite, gaze lowering to the ground. His fingertips press visibly into his thighs in effort to keep the words level and calm. ~And I owe much to this Sept.~ Once again, throat is plainly offered.

Kaz comes up with a Coke, which she offers to Ky, and her address book, which she puts down near her.

~THAT.~ Little Silvertip snarls, suddenly. He take several fast steps forward. ~Is not even half of it.~ His hackles shoot up, mood swinging like a double hinged door. ~You come here, you put the sept in danger. You tell NOTHING until the danger is upon us! You invite corruption into our midst! You never apologize to me, alpha of the sept, for the danger you put us in! I. AM. ALPHA. No great gift to even begin to cover the magnitude of your deeds. You force us into dealing with your sorrows, while we have enough to worry about on our own! You owe us your life!~ He snarls, spittle flying.

Nik stands as Silvertip advances, but he keeps quite out of the way. Still, it's obvious the situation bothers him, and the Ragabash paces slowly from side to side, hands clenching and unclenching, eyes on his tribesmate.

Kaz's hand on the ground clenches. And then she edges over a bit so her hip is against Ky's shoulder, and starts writing things in her address book.

Night's-Shadow apparently doesn't have a problem with all that Silvertip says, but he still seems uncomfortable. Still, he gives a little pissy rumble-growl in the direction of Andrei. No one aside from Shelby can probably hear it, given all the rest.

Pack> Bright Eyes seconds Night's-Shadow with an irritable mumble in return, though she's looking at Nik.

Tempest's Wake rises when Silvertip speaks, and when he moves forward, she takes a step as well. Her ears are forward and alert, and though any anger in her posture is dwarfed by that of the alpha, it is still there, and still visible.

True Arrow almost takes the Coke, nose going toward the can until the Uktena snarls and moves. His head twists back toward the Alpha, eyes darting a quick look toward Andrei and Nik before turning back to Silvertip. He doesn't whine this time, but his head goes to the ground, twisted without moving from Kaz's side, so to again offer his throat despite the aggression not being directed at him.

Bright Eyes's ears lay momentarily back, and she stands for a moment before sitting again. Like Night's-Shadow she doesn't disagree with the Uktena, though her attention is split between Andrei, Nik, and the Alpha and Warder.

There is a moment as Silvertip starts to speak, and approach, and although the Shadow Lord Ahroun doesn't move, doesn't even growl, but where he was in glabro he's now--as much of a surprise to himself, it would seem--in crinos in an instant, ears splayed flat and going a little bit flatter yet. ~I understand, Silvertip-rhya,~ Breaks-the-Circle says, outright cowering slightly.

Scentless, but still making some sound as he moves, Golden emerges from the direction of the Oak Grove. His gait is tense with annoyance, and he slows as he gets closer to the assembled group. His eyes dart from the Alpha to Breaks-the-Circle as he comes to a stop next to Bright-Eyes.

Pack> Back from whatever he was about, Golden is clearly annoyed as hell.

Pack> As tension ramps up, the theurge is clearly getting more and more agitated, too. Rageyragey.

Pack> Golden throttles his own reaction and tries to be supportive and calming on the link instead. Go if you must, Night's-Shadow.

Pack> Bright Eyes briefly welcomes Golden before launching into the kvetching. ~Maybe they will finally get off our territory. Maybe,~ though it's clear she thinks this about as likely as pigs flying, ~Equinox will be recompensed for their use of our territory.~ This is barely out before she's sending a soothing thought the Theurge's way.

Pack> Night's-Shadow settles a fraction, though he's still frizzed. Maybe, he says doubtfully, sending a welcome note at Golden.

Pack> Golden grunts, clearly not caring about compensation; he just would like the Alpha and the Warder and every Shadow Lord not Night's Shadow to fuck off.

Little Silvertip forcibly smoothes his hackles, running a paw over the fur to try and get it to lay back. ~My helping spirits, they are mighty. My greatest suggested I let you remain until now. Until the threat is dealt with. They are very generous. I try to mirror their mercy. And now the threat is gone. I don't need to do so any longer.~ His gravelly voice grows steely and cold. ~You have until the sun goes down to flee our protectorate. After that, me, my sister, my pack, and any others who wish to join us will hunt you if you remain in our protectorate. Given anruth before have been killed by previous alphas for far less deeds against the sept, I think this is fair.~ There's a pause, before he hefts his weapon. ~Unless you wish to just fight us now.~

Kaz pauses in her writing, at something Silvertip says. And then she starts writing much, much faster.

Pack> Night's-Shadow frankly seems immensely pleased by this.

Nik growls. "This is ridiculous! Why, now when they are no longer a harm to us!? We send them off to become more Geriks and Dmitriys?" The last words become low as the Ragabash begins to shift up to crinos, black fur a-spiked as he steps forward. ~Viable warriors to be our enemies rather than our allies? That's what the spirits want??~

Pack> Bright Eyes perks. Clearly, this is not what she was expecting, and though she's not particularly pleased about the 'fight him now' bit, she's quite enthusiastic about 'and don't let the door hit you on your way'.

Tempest's Wake was quiet until now, not a growl, not a sound, but when Nick shifts she steps forward, and her growl is directed at him. ~This is for the Alpha and the Anruth. Not for you.~

Night's-Shadow twinges, and then snaps, shifting up to hispo. ~Because,~ snaps the theurge. ~They've risked us, they've been sitting on our territory bringing risk to us, people have bled for them, hurt for them, and they've just sat here and c--~ And then he cuts himself off, visibly rankled. He lowers his head and grumbles audibly.

Pack> Night's-Shadow rageyrageyrageyragey.

Pack> Golden sucks in a breath. Go, Night's Shadow--we can't have you Frenzy if they're going to fight.

Bright Eyes twitches no more than an ear at Golden before rising one final time. Come, she invites her packmate with what would be a friendly shoulder bump (if they were the same size). She shoots the others -- well, Andrei and Nik -- a decidedly cool look before crossing before the Hispo to lead him off.

Kaz narrows her eyes faintly at Nik. And at Xander. Then she glances at Shelby in something like thanks, before she leaves. (And waves.)

Pack> ~Make sure they take the dead things with them,~ Bright Eyes advises. ~Come, Night's Shadow. We will talk somewhere else.~

True Arrow trembles slightly, quiver transferring through his shoulders into Kaz's hip. He doesn't look anywhere, gaze distant, but he's listening through distinctly folded ears.

The Shadow Lord Ahroun's ears splay further, twisting backwards and tail wrapping flat to his body, and shoulders fall, then square, slightly, and slowly, he rises to stand, although there is still a great deal of submission shown to the Uktena. ~Silvertip-rhya, I would ask for a chance to prove myself to you, to Tempest's Wake-rhya, and to this Sept,~ Breaks-the-Circle says, the words coming out almost a growl. ~To make better the mistakes that I have made and the wrongs that I have caused.~

~Do you not understand it is in my right to kill him where he stands?!~ Little Silvertip snarls to Thunder's Heart, baring his teeth at the Fostern. ~His life is a mercy. And if I do not kill him, I do not want him. His incompetence is a danger to us all. Let the other septs accept mooncalf-coward-dishonorable whelps! This sept will not.~ He jerks his head to Ky. ~The cub can stay. If you want him. The cub will be held blameless. For you...~ His gaze snaps back to Breaks the Circle, ~... Find some other sept that will accept your kind. I will not have you!~ He barks.

Golden huffs out a breath, and his ears go forward. He snorts at Nik and shifts to lupus, and says, ~If you will resolve this with killing, do it somewhere else.~ He directs that at everyone, his eyes seeking each Garou in turn (though they don't meet Silvertip's, stopping somewhere around his chest). ~Dragonfly has tolerated this long enough; I won't explain to him or Rattlesnake why Gaian Garou slaughter one another on Territory we have sworn to protect.~ He doesn't, to go by his posture, seem to care what other outcomes are involved.

Night's-Shadow pauses at something, looks stubborn and resistant at something, but then Andrei's request comes. The theurge boggles, hackles, and then chokes down whatever he was going to say with effort. He licks his nose, lowers his ears at both Golden and Shelby, slips back into lupus, and is led off by the Fang. He only casts a glance back, his hackles still up, but he stalks off without further splodey.

Pack> Night's-Shadow grumbles and /has/ to go before he says something he regrets.

Pack> Golden sends more soothing thoughts Night's-Shadow's way, and thanks Bright-Eyes taking him.

~From here, it looks to me like Breaks-the-Circle fights against more than our Alpha.~ Thunder's-Heart notes, looking pointedly at Tempest's-Wake, then his eyes return to Silvertip. His words are beseeching, but not tinged with a Persuasive gift. ~If you were going to kill him, it should have been far before now. Give him a task. Take his surrender. It can only benefit us, all of us, where revenge for something already done does not.~ When Tim speaks, he lets the Silent Strider's words hang in the air, saying nothing.

Pack> Bright Eyes wants to know what happens, but she agrees: the killing should happen somewhere Not Here. She will be glad when the Shadow Lords have left this place.

Quietly, having finished her writing, Kaz says to Nik, "I can find him places to stay. I agree that we need as many warriors as we can get, but if the Alpha doesn't think he can trust this man, who has, in fact, done everything this Alpha says, then it's the Alpha's right. He ain't killin' him. He just ain't lettin' him live here."

Bright Eyes pauses to let Night's Shadow catch up and flicks an ear toward Kaz in farewell. Once the theurge is in a smaller form she shoulder bumps him again, then breaks into a trot that will get the pair of them out of earshot quickly.


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