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Apr. 6th, 2012 10:47 pm
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It is currently morning on Fri Apr 6 2012.
Currently the moon is in the waxing Full (Ahroun) Moon phase (100% full).

Edgewood House: Downstairs
The front door leads into a small mudroom; coats are hanging on hooks. It opens into the spacious, well lit living room, with several battered old couches arranged into a sort of conversation pit facing the fireplace, a table in the center of them. There are a few chairs, some straight-backed, some plush and comfortable, arranged to make secondary conversation areas, with little end tables placed in strategic locations. There's a notable absence of either breakable objects, or elaborate electrical equipment such as televisions. The walls, painted an increasingly dingy white, have some sweeping dark fabric prints on them, but no paintings or posters. A steep, uncarpeted staircase leads up to the second floor. There are several doors that lead out to other sections of the house, as well. (+view for details)

Obvious exits:
Front Door Upstairs

"There are no half-moons of her own Tribe here, so her teaching was somewhat lacking in that aspect," Whisper remarks, rising to her feet. "I need to go and grab my violin from the tenement - I don't like leaving it ungurded. See you later."

Sue nods. "Gaia watch," he offers the other metis. "It was nice to meet you." Then, the Fury picks up his cup of cocoa, settling onto the couch a bit more.

Not long after the door closes behind Whisper it opens again to admit a white-haired woman into Edgewood's relative quiet. She's three steps headed for the kitchen before she notices the person on the couch; Shelby pulls herself upright with an appraising (though not unfriendly) look for the stranger. "I don't believe we've met," she says with the soft vowels of the Eastern Shore.

Sue nods once. "No, we haven't," he acknowledges, brows raising as he observes the woman, though it's from a politely lowered gaze. "Sue Zahakis, Stands-Between. Cliath and philodox of the Furies, born afoul of the first law. Rited at Golden Gate, in San Francisco, and working on Chiminage to the Hidden Walk."

Sue stands about 5'8" in height, with Mediterranean features, light olive skin, dark hair that's cut smartly above his ears, dark green eyes, and a strong nose. He looks to be in his late teens, with shoulders that have gotten broader than they once were. He's dressed for chill and wind, with a grey wool peacoat over a sweater, dark jeans, and awkward-looking shoes of the sort that more than likely orthopedic. He carries a hiking pole of the collapsable variety, strap often looped around his wrist.

"Shelby Zaleski-Leveque," starts Shelby. "Fostern Ragabash of the Silver Fangs, also called Bright Eye Sees to the Heart of the Ambush. I'm a child of Dragonfly in the pack Equinox. I'm the great-great-granddaughter of the Adren Philodox Silver Sword with Two Blades." Given that she's a Silver Fang she could probably go on in that vein for some time, but for whatever reason she doesn't, merely cocking her head at the Metis. "What brings you to the Hidden Walk, Sue? --Is Sue short for something?"

"Change of scenery, visiting one of my aunts, figured I might as well stay." Sue sets the cocoa down on the coffee table, and sits up a hint straighter. "And no, it's not short for anything." Though the metis seems well and aware that it's unusual.

Shelby ahs as though the Metis has revealed one (or more!) of the secrets of the universe, flashes him a smile, and settles into one of the other chairs. "Chiminage, you said - what sort? You're a Philodox - does your Elder have you judging something?"

Sue shifts so that he can look not-quite at Shelby as they talk. "Teaching rites, actually. My Chiminage was set with the Alpha," the Fury explains. "I haven't had a chance to meet KL-rhya yet, as I only got into town a few nights ago."

The Fang continues to study him, showing absolutely no reticence at meeting the other's eyes. "Rites? What are you offering?"

"A couple of rites of my auspice, and as well Feed the Earth, Tobacco's Calm, and Contrition," the metis says. "I may teach Quiet Concord to others, depending upon reason," Sue continues, with a shrug.

"I've no need for Tobacco's Calm," she claims, "and I know Feed the Earth and Contrition. What's Quiet Concord?"

Sue chuckles. "You're no-moon," he states, nodding, as if that explains everything. "Quiet Concord is a mediation rite, most often of my auspice. Within a mediation circle, it limits the ability to speak to whomever has the stone or token." The metis gives the Fang a curious glance, at this, waiting to see her reaction.

"Interesting," Shelby says, and there are probably gears a'spinning in her head. "Would you mind if I spread the word about you? I know a few Philodox who would probably appreciate the ability to keep people quiet."

Sue grins. "Please do," he responds. "It's a useful rite in hearing both sides of a dispute. I'm probably going to be most easily found here--I'm staying here for the time, at least until I've met KL-rhya--and my cell phone number's on the bulletin board, too."

Shelby tucks a bit of hair behind one ear. "When both sides are in a heated battle of he-said/she-said, definitely." Mention of the cell phone lifts her eyebrows. "Oh? How long did you say you'd been Rited?"

Sue purses his lips. "I didn't," he states, with that frustrating philodox method of stating the obvious. "Since just before the end of January, though."

His denial brings the faintest of twitches to the Ragabash's mouth but all she says is, "Congratulations, then. I suppose, if you've been here longer than a day or two, that someone's explained the rules of the house to you, yes?"

Sue nods, "Yes, Shelby-rhya. Polite forms in the main part of the house, though no one did tell me whether smoking inside was acceptable?" The metis falls silent at this, brows raised a hint.

Shelby waves off the question, or perhaps the answer. "If you need to, you need to. And 'polite forms'? I'm not sure who told you that, as we don't have any forms intrinsically rude. Basically, no shifting in the house. The garage is fine. Any food is fair game, unless it's marked in some fashion. And, hmm. Basically anyone who appears here is safe, though of course it's best to check."

Sue nods, and in fact does pull out a bag of tobacco and cigarette papers, as well as a lighter. "My aunt did," Sue states wryly, "but I should have known better in any case, April-rhya likes to mess with me, some. And, well." The metis nods, watching Shelby very directly for a long moment, and seeming satisfied with whatever he sees.

"I don't think I've met her," Shelby says after a long moment, after which she shrugs, quite Gallic in manner. "No, if someone has no manners, it doesn't matter -which- form they're in. Speaking of safe... has anyone checked you for Wyrm yet?"

Sue manages not to laugh, and spends a moment lighting the cigarette. "If they have, they didn't bother to tell me," the metis states, easily.

Shelby watches his hands move with polite, if disinterested, attention. "They're telling you now. This won't come as a surprise to you, I'm sure, but you aren't Wyrm-tainted. Feel free to mention my name if anyone asks. Also, be wary of the meadow - the bawn is feeling very Wyld this Spring, and as you'd expect, it's not very good about respecting boundaries."

Sue nods. "And neither are you, so thank you Shelby-rhya," Sue states, after a moment longer spent studying Shelby. "And yes, I've been warned about the Wyld incursion, and the fruit and the spores," Sue adds.

"Oh good, my disguise is holding," she says lightly. "Good - well, I think that's everything I can think of, for a newcomer. Save to mention that we're a bit on edge, so when in doubt keep your head down. Do you have any questions for me?"

Sue raises his brows and gives the ragabash a lightly suspicious look. "Disguise, right." Apparently that particular comment does not amuse the philodox. "No, not that I can think of, thank you. And thanks for spreading the word for me," he adds.

Shelby merely smiles, amused, and pushes to her feet. "You're welcome - and welcome again to the Hidden Walk." She drifts to the bulletin board to enter Sue's number, tosses him another quick smile, and heads upstairs.


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