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It is currently 12:20 Pacific Time on Mon Apr 16 2012.
Currently the moon is in the waning Crescent (Theurge) Moon phase (32% full).

It's been two days, and the effects of the Wyld have finally worn off enough that the Shadow Lord theurge has managed to crawl all the way to the front door of the new house. And thuds his head against the door in a knock. His fur is covered in leaves, blossoms, grass, and his claws have turned into roots. He still mostly looks like a wolf though. A pathetic chia-pet wolf.

From inside comes the smell of lemony-fresh along with the citronella - Shelby's been doing some cleaning. Again. At the thud her singing pauses; a moment later the door opens. "Hello- Xander? What the hell happened to you?" She looks around hastily, as if checking for onlookers, or perhaps chasers. "Get inside, quick."

Night's-Shadow whines. His lupus-speech is stunted, but he drags himself inside like he weighs a billion pounds. He does, however, manage to convey with a cringe: Bawn-fruits.

"Tell me you didn't eat them," Shelby half-scolds (though there's fondness in her tone as well) as she shuts the door behind the Chia Lord. "Do you want me to go get help?" A pause and she adds, "This is what you were freaking out about this weekend, isn't it."

Night's-Shadow just gives Shelby an utterly pathetic look with huge round eyes, and as he looks at her a flower blossoms, blooms, and then dies on his ear. He gives an affirmative, though to which part (or all parts) isn't clear.

Shelby briefly fish-mouths at this further evidence of cultivation before closing her mouth decisively. "It will wear off," she says firmly, and "Are you hungry? There's pizza in the fridge." Then, dubiously eyeing him, "Can you even shift?"

Night's-Shadow gives her another look full of puppy eyes. Hungry, he asserts, though, with a whine. Been eating sun. ... for however sense that makes. Now hungry for real food. It's hard to read his lupus-speech; it's there, but muddled through all the plant life.

Pack> Shelby prods tentatively at Xander through the pack link, like she's checking a sore tooth.

Shelby says, "Well," as though that solves everything, or proves something, or something, and turns away to fetch the pizza. "You'll have to eat it cold," she tells the cupboards as she fetches down a plate and glass. "No microwave yet."

Pack> Night's-Shadow is /there/, and he eagerly answers the link -- though it's flooded with a million complex thoughts that die out just before they reach fruition. He seems frustrated.

Pack> Shelby says "Is it any easier to talk this way?" dubiously. "Because you're all... plant-y. Are, like, the flowers part of your emotions, or something?"

Night's-Shadow doesn't seem to mind. He stays off the rugs, at least - and it's a good thing, because one of the pieces of plant life sheds off of him onto the floor, and underneath is an actual patch of black fur.

Pack> Night's-Shadow | There's another flood of thoughts, but it's contained a little better this time. Can't stop /thinking/, he whines. I don't know.

Shelby turns back to eye the mess Xander's made of her clean floors looking more dubious than angry. "I just...," she starts, and stops. Sighs. "C'mere and eat," she says instead, and puts the plate on the floor. The glass she fills with water, then a bowl - the latter is deposited beside the plate. "Thinking about anything in particular? Or just lots of thoughts and you can't control them?"

Night's-Shadow oozes over toward the plate. Everything, he states with a whine. Everything anything the sun the stars the numbers the bawn-- he abruptly shuts up and starts eating. Well. Bolting down food, more like it. In between: It's going away though.

Those two slices of pizza aren't going to last long. Shelby, likely recognizing this, turns back to the fridge to pull out the rest. "Anything you want me to write down, to remember it later? I'm still trying to get Salem-rhya out here for you, but I suppose just this moment isn't much of a good idea." She eyes the gobbet of dirt/humus/whatever he left on the floor.

It's rapidly shrivelling up and dying. And, as he eats, he's shedding more and more of the stuff, like it was waiting until he got actual food. Sigh. Don't know, he replies, with a smudge of pizza sauce on his nose. Can't put anything together. Grumpgrump. Couldn't move before. Could move this morning.

Shelby blinks at the dying plant-thing, then at the wolf. "You're shedding. --Molting? Dropping flowers? And you're easier to understand, too. I think it's wearing off." Unspoken: they hope it's wearing off.

Night's-Shadow cranes a look around and sniffs at one of the plants dubiously. And then, testing it, he tries to shift-- his form blurs, but nothing happens, and he whines. Not all gone. Grump. And then, the theurge just looks at the ragabash, ruefully. Don't eat the berries.

"I wasn't planning on it," she assures, with an undertone of 'you goober'. "Well, 'wearing off' isn't the same as 'worn off'." She considers him for a moment. "I told you about the new Silver Fang in town, right? Who says he's from the late 1600s? He popped through an Umbral rift. We've got a new Kin, too."

Night's-Shadow noses one of the fallen twigs, and then scoots a fraction away from it. It tasted good though, he grouches. Hrmph. The kin gets less interest than the 1600s guy, though, as the plantwolf just squints at Shelby. Wait, what? Yes, he's been kinda busy these past few days.

Shelby asides, "You're cleaning that up later," before going on to the main point. "His name's Theodoric Duncan, and if he isn't actually from Scotland, he's got a damn fine accent. He's hard to understand. From what I gathered, he and his pack were hunting this bane, only it got away from them or something and they got sucked into the Deep Umbra. He ended up here. Hasn't decided if he's staying yet - we're looking for Theurges to try and help him get home." At which point she arches an eyebrow at him.

Night's-Shadow looks uncertain about a lot of things in that, but perhaps most of all when Shelby looks at him. Maybe....umbral hole, he says, but looks very, very unsure. Risky. Could end anywhere.

"And of course he'd show up when both Mouse and Zosia are unavailable," Shelby likewise grumps. "Still, whatever ideas you have'll be better than mine. I don't even know what an umbral hole is." She sighs and pushes off the counter. "I'll get the broom out, for later."

Night's-Shadow flits an ear (shedding blossoms) and then sighs and laps at the water. Okay. I'll wait here. he has much choice.
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