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Birthdate:Jun 29
Location:United States of America
This is a log site for a character on GarouMUSH, primarily for my own amusement (and because I have a memory like a rusty sieve). If you think your character might or should know some of the information presented in these logs, please contact me here or on-game. If you would like a log your character is in removed from view, please let me know and I will lock it to myself only. If you are found mixing IC and OOC knowledge, you will be roundly mocked.

Those special tags:
# - where the scene happened
@ - what the scene was about
~ - when the scene occurred
! - who or what was referenced (but not present)

Shelby's picture as drawn by the magnificent Haz!

Her full introduction with recitation of ancestors (going back 8 generations!):
My name is Shelby Zalesky-Leveque, Fostern Ragabash of the Silver Fangs and daughter of Dragonfly in the pack Equinox. I am also called Bright Eye Sees to the Heart of the Ambush, once known as Falcon's Gambit Accepted. I am the great-great-granddaughter of Valentin Leveque, Adren Galliard, Winter's Snow on Summer's Branches, who was the son of Alexandrie Duvernay, Athro Ragabash, Peregrine Hunts the Quarry. She was the granddaughter of Dorotheé Simonet, Elder Theurge Chained to Lightning with Silver, She Burns with Helios' Fire. I am also the great-great-granddaughter of Jarogniew Wojciechowski, the Adren Philodox Silver Sword with Two Blades, himself the grandson of Kazia Gozcinski, Elder Theurge, Snow Hawk Stoops to Fall on Her Enemies from the Sun. Further, I am the great-great-granddaughter of Rodolph Molyneux, the Adren Galliard Falcon's Cry Turns Tears to Blood, who was the son of Geoffroi Molyneux, Adren Ahroun, Snarl of the White Mountain, who was the son of Marjolaine Molyneux, Fostern Philodox, White Eagle Bound to the Heart of the Blizzard.

I am the great-great-great-granddaughter of Pelagia Goscinzki, Elder Ragabash, Stalks the Night with Heron's Spear who was the granddaughter of Henryk Zaleski, Adren Galliard, called Blinded Eyes Summon the Wind. I am the great-great-great-granddaughter of Helena Malczewski, Adren Ahroun, Snow Falcon Bites the Serpent's Heart, who herself was the great-granddaughter of Oskar Wojciechowski, Athro Theurge, known as Silver River Carves a New Valley. I am also the great-great-great-granddaughter of Adam Bielski, Athro Theurge, Falcon's Knowing Eye who was the son of Roch Bielski, Athro Ahroun, Bright Fist Grasps the Sun.
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